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A retail clothing chain has come under fire from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration once again. Forever 21 was cited following an inspection at one of its stores at the Burlington Mall in Dec. 2012. The store was accused of exposing its employees at the Massachusetts location to the risk of a workplace accident.

The issues identified in the OSHA investigation were a repetition of the very same problems OSHA encountered when it previously inspected a Forever 21 store in another state. The prior violations were found in 2011. As a result of the repeat violations, the latest fines against the company total $55,000.

Two workplace safety issues were identified. Stock items were discovered piled in such a manner that employees were placed at risk of injury from falling boxes. Moreover, the emergency exits were either blocked or the passageways otherwise too small to accommodate the safety of the company’s workers.

A gas explosion in Springfield recently decimated a strip club and a day care center, destroying or imperiling as many as 42 buildings in the downtown area. The accident injured a number or gas workers, policeman and firemen as well as several civilians. As such, the tragedy raises some important issues about workers’ compensation benefits as they are applied in the state of Massachusetts.

The gas company received reports of a gas leak late on a Saturday afternoon. Officials moved to evacuate the area ahead of the 5:30 p.m. explosion. The people injured were primarily city and gas company employees. When gas workers discovered an explosion was imminent, most of the individuals who were injured took cover behind a utility truck. The truck was destroyed in the blast that followed.

In all, nine firefighters and two policemen, as well as four gas company workers, two civilians and a Springfield government employee were taken to two area hospitals for treatment. The nature and extent of their injuries was not detailed in a news report. However, officials lauded the quick thinking of the workers involved to prevent the potential for catastrophic injuries to a great number of people.

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